The Tamashii were a lineage of Ise Zumi whose bodies could serve as a host for the Kami Togashi. Togashi was able to keep himself alive and his true identity hidden from the rest of the Empire by switching from one body to another as time went on. He prepared a vessel by infusing its body with mystic tattoos created from his blood, and the process caused the death of the body's former occupant. [1]

Known Tamashii Edit

Once a generation, an ise zumi would step forward who was prepared to give up his life, individuals who always possessed greater control of the tattoo magic than any others. [1] Every Dragon Clan Champion of the Togashi family until, and including, Togashi Satsu, had been one of them. [2] Mirumoto Hitomi was not a Tamashii.

Kokujin Edit

Togashi Kokujin was a tamashii, but when he learned of his eventual fate, he rebelled. Using the powers he learned as an Ise Zumi, he fled, later mastering the arts of the Shadowlands. Kokujin later returned to the Dragon lands, swearing fealty to the Hitomi family for a time. [3]

Togashi Mitsu Edit

Togashi Mitsu was a tamashii during the Clan War, who knew of his fate and journeyed as a hero during his life. When Fu Leng was defeated and Togashi was killed, he wondered what purpose he still served. [4]

Togashi MatsuoEdit

Togashi Matsuo was born a tamashii after Togashi's defeat, making his purpose somewhat of a mystery. [4]

End of the Tamashii Edit

After Togashi was confronted by the Seven Fortunes, who judged a soul remaining in the Mortal Realm after death against the Celestial Order, he was forcefully removed from Ningen-do and ascended to the Celestial Heavens. [2]

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