Since I created a Minor Clan article, the material in this article about the minor clans can probably be moved there or dropped. We should probably have a similar Great Clan article.

Actually, I was wondering why you created a minor clan article that only duplicated the information here. It's not really an overview of Rokugan without an overview of the minor clans. It's certainly not an overview of Rokugan without an overview of the Great Clans. Separate articles should probably have some meat on them, not just a list of links. I'm hoping that article eventually becomes a little less stubby and a little less needless duplication. --WestonWyse 22:59, 15 Jun 2005 (UTC)

Well, mostly because I didn't realize this article was here at the time - I did a search on Minor clans and didn't turn up a general overview article. I only found that I had nearly duplicated part of the Rokugan article later. Since all the clans have their own articles I think this article might be better as an overview of the land itself - physical features, prominent cities, etc., with links to seperate Minor and Great clan articles as part of the overall article (maybe under a "People" subheading). -Jason

My apologies; makes sense. I have been wanting to give this one a once-over for a while. It actually predates this wiki; it was imported from Wikipedia:Rokugan and barely modified (which explains the completely out-of-character first paragraph). I'd like to keep the list of clans, as I think that's kind of important, but it certainly doesn't need to be the whole article. A section on geography would be nice, but I don't really have the time to switch gears for it right this moment. If you feel so inclined, though, knock yourself out. I'll even go move the clans section a rung lower to help. --WestonWyse 17:30, 16 Jun 2005 (UTC)