Talisman of Chikushudo 
Talisman of Chikushudo
Created by: Ryoshun
First used by: Daidoji Yaichiro
Currently in the possession of: Daidoji Yaichiro

The Talisman of Chikushudo was one of the Gifts of Ryoshun crafted by the Tenth Kami Ryoshun from the essence of Chikushudo. [1]

Appearance and Abilities Edit

The talisman was a mempo shaped like a bear's face. A large bear spirit would answer the bearer's call. [2] [3] The bearer could see through its eyes as he wished. [4]

Daidoji Yaichiro Edit

It was first given to Daidoji Yaichiro in 1170, who Ryoshun found worthy of his blessing. He had to choose to be a follower for either the Voice of the Jade Sun or the Voice of the Obsidian Moon. The nemuranai would aid Yaichiro during his service to the Voice. [1] Yaichiro was wearing it when he, Daidoji Fumisato, and Daidoji Gempachi ambushed Daigotsu Rekai. The talisman summoned a bear spirit which attacked Rekai, allowing Fumisato enough time to kill her. [2]

Known Bearers Edit

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