The Tale of the Bright Star was a story told by older ogres detailing their enslavement by Fu Leng. [1]


The tale began with the powerful and wise Ogre king Muhomono ruling over the Trolls and Goblins. However, the Ogre kingdom was attacked and destroyed by the Nezumi and the ogres forced into labor. This continued until the fall of Fu Leng, called the Fall of the Bright Star, and the creation of the Festering Pit. The Nezumi's civilization was destroyed and the Ogres were set free.

Fu Leng, called Father, began offering the creatures a place at his side. Muhomono was asked first because of his bravery and wisdom, but Muhomono refused suspicious of Fu Leng's motives. The leader of the bakemono, Gingwich, quickly joined Fu Leng. Muhomono began questioning where Fu Leng had come from and why he needed the ogres, but before he could be answered, Morge, the leader of the trolls, joined Fu Leng. Father was pleased with his new servants and gave the goblins the power of Night and the trolls the power of the Sea. Muhomono refused a gift from Fu Leng and asked more questions. Muhomono wished to be an equal to Fu Leng, not slaves. Angered, Fu Leng killed Muhomono and took the ogre's souls away, enslaving them. [1]


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