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Takuetsu province

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Takuetsu province

Takuetsu province (K1)

Takuetsu province (K1) was the northernmost of the Kakita provinces.

Borders Edit

Takuetsu was bordered by the Lion Yojin province (Ma7) in the northwest, by the Kosaten province (Da1) in the west, by the Nanhan province (K2) in the south, being enveloped by Imperial lands in the north and east, leading towards Otosan Uchi. [1]

Holdings Edit

Its most important holdings were Kyuden Kakita, the capital of the Kakita provinces, [1] the Kakita Plains, [2] the Osari Plains, [3] Shiro Iwasaki, [4] Tsuma, [5] and the Plain of the Crane. [6]


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