Takehiko's Kite
Created by: Akodo Takehiko, Kitsu and Isawa Shugenja
First used by: Unkown
Currently in the possession of: Unkown

Takehiko's Kite was a nemuranai created in the 9th century as a way to be prepared to combat large cavalry armies, a threat which arose after the Return of the Ki-Rin. Akodo Takehiko was a general and eccentric military innovator who devised the Kite after the sight of kite-flying at Otosan Uchi, with the aid of powerful Kitsu and Isawa Shugenja. When it was flown, its flyer was able to see as though his eyes were at the Kite's point of perspective, which gave an unvaluable airborne perspective in battle. [1]


  1. Book of Air, p. 129

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