Please note: This article is about the leader of the Gilded Knives. For other uses of the term, please see Takeda (disambiguation).

Takeda was the leader of the Gilded Knives, a smuggling cartel in the Tsudao district at Toshi Ranbo, the Imperial City. He was a fat and aged man with a keen mind for his activities, and he had avoided any criminal prosecution through a combination of weealth, influence, cunning, and sheer ruthlessness. [1]

Assassin's Target Edit

In 1165 three of the other crimelords of the city, Hiroshige, Oni Jakuchu, and Atshushi, had been murdered by unknown assailants. Takeda and his competitors as One-Eyed Ieyoshi knew any of them would be the next. The remaining crimelords had a meeting in a sake house of his property, when the Emerald Magistrate Shinjo Yushiro appeared to unsuccessfully request the criminals to share any information they had about the killers. Shortly after the meeting three assassins infiltrated the building, with the intention to kill the assistants to the meeting. Yushiro had seen them and rushed to foil the murderers. [2]


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