Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Head of the Brotherhood,
Master of Five

Takao was a gifted boy who was a student of the Master of Air Isawa Eju, hatamoto of the Ochiyo district of Otosan Uchi, and later reached enlightenment while facing the Champion of the Moon to become the Master of Five. He was well known for wearing his trademark jingasa. [1]

Youth Edit

Asako Ochiyo with Takao

Asako Ochiyo with young Takao

Takao was abandoned in a temple in the lands of the Phoenix Clan, and the monks there adopted him because they saw a crow sitting on the branch of an old tree nearby. Takao began to read from an early age, and was very anxious to read the Tao of Shinsei. [2]

Isawa Eju Edit

Some years later, the Master of Air, Isawa Eju, was visiting the temple and Takao met him. The two spent many hours talking, and the Master was surprised at the questions that Takao asked. Eju took the young boy to the Council of Five and started to teach him about the Fortunes and the kami, especially spirits of air. They traveled across the Phoenix lands, and even other lands until Master Eju's presence was requested in Otosan Uchi. Eju answered the request, and Takao travelled with him to the capital. While there, Eju was stricken with illness and eventually succumbed to it and died. [3]

Ochiyo district Edit

Following the serious illness of Eju, Takao was alone until he entered under the guidance and protection of Asako Ochiyo, a monk and the governor of the Ochiyo district of Otosan Uchi. Only one year later Takao had risen to the rank of hatamoto of the the Ochiyo district, and the youngest hatamoto throughout the capital at that. [4] Takao held this position until the Scorpion Coup in 1123 when he valiantly attempted to prevent the slaughter of the monks in the city, but his efforts were futile. Following the coup he remained the hatamoto of that district for five more years until the Second Day of Thunder. [5]

Scorpion Coup Edit

Prior to the Scorpion Coup Ochiyo sequestered himself within a warehouse he acquired, secretely working on a statue of Lady Amaterasu. During the Coup Takao did his best to put an end to the fighting, but after the fight was over, Ochiyo was deposed by the new Emperor Hantei XXXIX. Takao, disregarded as a young child, was passed over by Seppun Mojiki, who was appointed as governor of the newly named Mojiki district. Takao remained as the district hatamoto. His former Lord Ochiyou emerged in 1124 from his workshop, his masterpiete complete, which was placed in the Temple of the Sun Goddess. [6]

Clan War Edit

Takao 4


Takao worked alongside Suana in training the Unicorn's army of farmers who fought on the Second Day of Thunder. [7] Takao was the Brotherhood's undisputed master of the duel. He never behaved as predicted, as if he knew his opponent's thoughts and deviated from any expectations. Though the sword was swift, Takao's hands and feet were far more dangerous. [8]

Leader of the Brotherhood Edit

After the deathof Tetsuya in the second Day of Thunder in 1128 [9] Takao became the new leader of the Brotherhood. [10]

Dealing wiht the Sohei Edit

Afte the Clan Wars, there were many monks who could not return to quiet meditation and introspection as they had before, but solaced in violence. He found a solution alongside Asahina Hideki, and those troubled brothers were sent to study the art of Kyujutsu, a source of focus and serenity. The Order of Wind's Grace was founded. [11]

Hidden Emperor Edit

The Emerald Champion, Kakita Toshimoko, spoke with Takao of falsehoods too great to bear, and if the sacrifice of life for knowledge. The day after Toshimoko vanished over the cliffs of Otosan Uchi. [12]

Hitomi Edit

Takao 2

Takao with his jingasa

Siege of Sleeping Mountain Edit

In 1132 Takao was alongside Hoshi when the Brotherhood joined the Naga army in the Siege of Sleeping Mountain. Takao sent Ikudaiu as messenger to Kyuden Hitomi. [13]

Naga Storm Mirumoto Mountain Edit

Hitomi twisted by the Obsidian Hand tried to use the knowledge of Shosuro, trapped in the Chamber of Crystal, but the result was the freedom of the Scorpion Thunder and the Lying Darkness began to expand. The Naga cut all the paths to Kyuden Hitomi but their final attack was halted by the Imperial Legions. [14]

Madness of Toturi Edit

New Tao Edit

Takao 3

Takao, Acolyte of Fire

Several events had concerned Takao about the truth within the New Tao. The writer, Isawa Osugi, had been executed by the Emperor for her supposed kolat membership, and the man who talked with the Hooded Ronin, the Emperor Toturi I, had been looked as a madmen. The New Tao fell under suspicion. [12]

War against the Shadow Edit

Champion of the Moon Edit

The same year Takao faced the Champion of the Moon in Otosan Uchi at the same time as Hitomi faced Onnotangu. Just as all seemed hopeless Takao reached enlightenment during the battle. [15] Takao flooded Onnotangu's Champion with the power of Void [16] and defeated the champion breaking the shadow's control over the city, and leading Takao to become the Master of Five. [15] [17]

Recovering the True Tao Edit

Takao commanded the Brotherhood to search the Empire. One half of the true Tao had been recovered, but half had been stolen, taken by the Darkness. [17]

Naming the Shadows Edit

Takao aiding Rekai

Takao aiding Rekai

In 1133 Takao was in the Shrine of the Seven Thunders when he was enlightened by Hitomi as to how to defeat the Lying Darkness. The Shadows had to be named to give it form, and when it was defined it could be destroyed. The temple was attacked by the Shadows shortly after. [18] He explained to Daidoji Rekai that mortals must do what gods would not. [19]

Disappearance Edit

In 1153 Takao disappeared, and all attempts to discover his whereabouts were fruitless. The Brotherhood decreed that the Master had gone in search of some pivotal aspect of his enlightenment and made no move to fill the position. [20]

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Preceded by:
Hatamoto of the Ochiyo district
1121 - 1128
Succeeded by:
Preceded by:
Head of the Brotherhood
1128 - 1153
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Sources Conflict
The sources relating to this article are in conflict with each other.
Way of Shinsei says that Takao was with Eju until he died, then one year passed before he was made hatamoto. Then two years passed and the Scorpion Coup occurred. This would place Eju's death in 1120, not 1123 as stated in Way of the Phoenix. It could be assumed that Eju fell ill, but did not die until 1123, but Takao did not stay with him during this time. It would seem strange however that Takao would not stay with his master during the illness.


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