The Takanobu tribe was a tribe of warriors who lived before the Fall of the Kami, growing rice and waging war in Nobu Valley, in the lands which would be known as Naishou province, alongside the Morikawa tribe and the Yamataru tribe. [1]

Dawn of the Empire Edit

When the samurai, followers of the Kami, first arrived in the region, they found it a prosperous place, for the Takanobu had slowly driven the other tribes out of the valley and dominated the area. All the tribes joined the nascent Emerald Empire. [2]

Emerald Empire Edit

Descendants of the original Takanobu tribe tended to be slightly shorter and show broader facial features than the average aishou Provi. They had a strong history of cooperation, a legacy of surviving in relative seclusion for generations, but this altruism did not extend to those descended from other tribes. They hold a yearly festival which celebrated the founding of the Toshi no Naishou, their greatest achievement, exchanging gifts between families descended from the tribe. [3]


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