Takaai Grove was a formally tainted group of burned trees within Crane Clan lands that has now been purified. The trees were named for the maho-tsukai, Takaai.


The trees were the location of a magical fight between Takaai and an Isawa Tensai of Fire. Takaai had killed the shugenja's daughter, and the shugenja had hunted Takaai to avenge the murder. The tensai was killed and Takaai was destroyed by fire. However, the fire allowed Takaai's blood to be spread across the grove, attracting several kansen. The kansen would then corrupt heimin and the trees themselves. Some of the trees were made into scrolls, tainting the Asahina Shugenja that used them. [1]


Phoenix Inquisitors discovered the corrupted grove and burned it to the ground. The ground was purified, but it still must be cleansed once a week. Only the twisted remains of the trees now remain. [1]


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