Born: Unknown 
Died: 1199

Taizu was a monk of the Brotherhood of Shinsei.

Lion Village Edit

Taizu was sent by his superior, the abbot of the Temple to the Kami in Toshi Ranbo, to a Lion village. These lands were governed by Akodo Odawara, a harsh lord who in 1199 taxed his peasants to poverty, to gather wealth for the war with the Scorpion. Two samurai were killed, and Odawara ordered to execute no less than twenty peasants. Peasant unrest could shift into open revolt, which was brought under the attention of the Emerald Champion. The Emerald Magistrate Ikoma Kiyomako began an investigation, questioning Taizu and his involvement with the rebellious peasants. [1]

Death Edit

The magistrate discovered that Zanshin, a seasoned veteran of the Lion army had been hiding rice for the peasants, in the belief that doing so was a noble act, but his men killed the samurai when they found the rice cache. Taizu was executed, because he had persuaded Zanshin to conceal rice for the peasants, and it was the monk who told the peasants they were right to resist their lord's taxes. [1]


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