Slow Tide Harbor

Slow Tide Harbor

Taimana Choryu, or "Slow Tide", was the Tortoise port, a short ride to the north of the capital city of Otosan Uchi. It was ignored by mostly ships, and the Mantis trade alliance paid them little attention. The Tortoise maintained a ready force of soldiers at all times (most trained to fight only on land or sea, not both). The troops were ofted loaned out to man or protect trade ships hailing from the port, or to fill out depleted land forces. [1] It was the largest town in the lone Tortoise province. [2]

Naming Edit

Slow Tide earned its name by being a swampy lagoon, overgrown by a canopy of half-drowned trees that sheltered the coming and going of ships from prying eyes; however, this also prevented more than a handful of ships from docking at one time. [3]

Gaijin Goods Edit

The Bay of Slow Tide, whose shoreline was choked with trees and roots, was swampy and dark, little more of a lagoon. [2] At Slow Tide Harbor were received the ships which were sent from Kameyama Jima, a distant island used by the Tortoise as a buffer between their covert activities with the gaijin and Rokugan. [4]


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