Tahaddi was a ritual knife fighting of the Burning Sands.

Justice duel Edit

The Tahaddi was use to solve disputes that usual justice could not deal with. It could be called when offended, property controversies, or even at the battlefield. [1]

Tradition Edit

This duel came from the original tribe founders of Medinaat al-Salaam, and to halt a Tahaddi duel was a severe offense. A pair of daggers were used to strike and parry with them. [1]

Duel and resolution Edit

The challenger raised his blade toward the opponent, pointing at his eyes. If accepted, they walked in circles until a strike was launched. A swing of counterattacks followed by parries was made, in which one the attacker and the defender changed their roles alternatively. The duel ended when one of the contenders was wounded, or had conceded defeat dropping the daggers. [1]

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