Tactical Advisors

Tactical Advisors

Tacticians were extremely skilled in strategy, the clash of men, and the tactics contested against the generals in the heat of battle. However, because of the intense studies of tactics they neglected the minutia of warfare, such as the movement of food and equipment. [1]

Learning Edit

They were trained in both the theoretical and practical aspects of massed warfare, and had great knowledge of the works of the great military leaders of the Empire. The quintessential adherents of the Tactician trait were the students of the Lion Clan's Akodo War College. The teachings of the Akodo school were based on the writings of the Kami Akodo, who founded the Lion Clan at the dawn of the Empire. His treatise on tactics, called Leadership, formed the basis for the school's curriculum, although they also studied the works of the Empire's other great commanders throughout history, such as Sun Tao. [citation needed]

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