Taboos are social or legal restrictions or interdictions. The Rokugani society has many taboos, such as the interdiction to touch blood.

Shapeshifter Taboos Edit

Taboos were also a specific way Shapeshifter spirits kept themselves from the influence of Ningen-do. They were self imposed but violating them had dire consequences, such as the abrupt transformation into their natural animal form and the loss of their supernatural abilities for one day. The stronger connection a shapeshifter gained to Ningen-do, the more taboos it must follow. [1]

Shapeshifting spirits could avoid Mortality, the Control of Ningen-do, by imposing taboos upon themselves. Eventually, many shapeshifters voluntarily returned to their own Realms rather than continue to place further restrictions upon their behavior. [2]

Some taboos were very simple, such as the interdiction of drinking alcohol. But other taboos could be quite difficult to follow, such as the interdiction to touch any kind of steel or object containing steel. [3]

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References Edit

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