Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Children: Set'tch'chet 
Titles: Broken Shinbone Tribe Chieftain

T'tok'chuk was a scout Chieftain of the nezumi Broken Shinbone Tribe.

Dwelling in Lion lands Edit

The tribe dwelled in north Lion lands. The local farmers gave them bread to keep goblins away. T'tok'chuk was called the Goblin Hunter. [1]

Lion Allies Edit

In 1127, in the month of the Rat after the siege of Kyuden Doji, the forces of fierce young Taisa Matsu Gohei encountered a large undead and ogre army outside Prosperous Plains City. The Lion emerged victorious in the Battle at Prosperous Plains City thanks to the unexpected help of the Broken Shinbone led by T'tok'chuk. Gohei allowed many of the starving nezumi to serve as conscripts in his army. [2] [3] [1]

Dwelling in North Dragon Mountains Edit

In 1130 Gohei marched to the Burning Sands to escort the Scorpion Clan to exile. The Shinbone could not enter the sands. Many things there, things that walked but should be dead were angered by the nezumi once, and they waited for them there. T'tok'chuk and his tribe dwelled in the mountains north of the Dragon Clan, waiting the return of the Butcher, what would not happened. [1]

Death Edit

After the Tomorrow took him, the tribe was led by one of his litter, Set'tch'chet. [1]


Preceded by:
Broken Shinbone Tribe Chieftain
? - ?
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