Born: Unknown 
Died: Pre-calendar

The Syba, the 'Mountain Killer', was a Greensnake Naga Scout.

Fighting the Foul Edit

In a time that predated the Fall of the Kami, the Naga Bloodlines were warring each other. Syba and her group were sent to confirm that one of the Foul was heading towards the lands of the Naga. The beast was of the size of a mountain, and the Syba left behind to hold off the creature while her companions returned to warn their brethren. Atop a tree she began to fire arrows against the monster, but it was covered with thousands upon thousands of man-sized creatures, thus providing it with armor. She propelled herself into the multitudes of creatures ascending towards the massive head, and soon reached its mouth, and desceded the chasm to its heart. [1]

Death Edit

A day later, the earth shook when the monster died and its corpse fell to the earth. Since then, tales were told of the Naga known as Syba, the 'Mountain Killer'. [2]


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