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Sword of the Sun 
Sword of the Sun
Created by: Tsi family
First used by: Aramoro
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Sword of the Sun was forged by the Tsi family at the behest of the Emperor Toturi I [1] as the prize of a tournament the Gift of the Emperor [2] held in 1132. [3]

Gift of the Emperor Edit

The contest was won by a ronin who revealed himself as the Scorpion Bayushi Aramoro after as his boon he was rewarded with the lands that had belonged to his Clan before their exile across the Burning Sands. [2] [1]

Gifted to the Dragon Edit

The blade was gifted by the Scorpion to their allies the Dragon Clan as a sign of their mutual respect [4] [5]

Fighting the Shadows Edit

In 1132 Mirumoto Taki wielded it in the Assault on Otosan Uchi. [6] [7]

Mirumoto Uso Edit

It was wielded by Mirumoto Uso [8] until his death.

Mirumoto Rosanjin Edit

Uso's golden katana was passed to Rosanjin, who wielded it with honor. [9]

Known Wielders Edit

External Links Edit


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