Sword of the Emerald Champion 
Sword of the Emerald Champion
Created by: Ashidaka
First used by: Kakita
Currently in the possession of: Shosuro Jimen

The Sword of the Emerald Champion was one of the symbols of the Emerald Champion's office, and served to reinforce his sense of justice and loyalty to the Emperor. [1] It was one of the most ancient katana of the Empire. [2]

Crafting Edit

The first official Emerald Champion, Doji Hatsuo, summoned a contest to bestow his favor to the swordsmith who could supply him with the greatest blade. Three of the Empire's greatest blacksmiths forged and presented each one a sword. The first tested his blade splitting a huge bulder in two. The second sliced a flying petal in two. The last, a cunning young woman named Ashidaka, kicked a cherry tree, and none of the falling leaves fell on the blade. Hatsuo selected the last, because its spirit was so strong, even the leaves knew to avoid the blade. [3]

Appearance Edit

The blade, which was of a green shade that appeared to shift constantly, was forged from the same steel that was used to reinforce the Emerald Armor. Its handle was covered with lustrous green silk. [1]

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