Yotsu Dojo

Yotsu Dojo

The Sword of Yotsu was a select group of true ronin who had sworn loyalty to the Yotsu family and took their name. They lived in Otosan Uchi and served the Daimyo of the Yotsu Family in defending the province and following the Yotsu family on various quests from his headquarter the Yotsu Dojo. [1]

Honored Otokodate Edit

Sword of Yotsu

Sword of Yotsu

Their band was the strongest and most respected otokodate, and possible the only ronin with any access to the Imperial court. Members must prove themselves through tests of honor and courage. The members must also fall on their knees and swore fealty upon the sword given to Yotsu family by Hantei XXXVIII. [1]

Duty Edit

Since its foundation in 1116 [2] they were dedicated to the protection of the downtrodden and the innocent, [3] serving as magistrates of the Yatoshin District and bodyguards for the Yotsu line. [1]

Technique Edit

The Sword of Yotsu developed the Shelter of the Blameless technique. [4]

Fall of Otosan Uchi Edit

The Imperial City was cursed beyond redemption and Nimuro commanded the Legion of Wolf, alongside with the Yotsu, to put the city to the torch but the Yotsu Dojo should be left intact. [5]

Home of the Yotsu Dojo Edit

After the Fall of Otosan Uchi the Yotsu stayed behind in the ruined and tainted city to defend those who were unable or unwilling to flee their homes. [6]

For their assistance in the recent reclaiming of Otosan Uchi by Asahina Sekawa, and for the repect they have for the crane following the death of Doji Kurohito the Sword of Yotsu were offered territory within the Crane lands. [7]

Imperial Vassals Edit

During a Winter Court, the personal friendship between Yotsu Seou and Seppun Kiharu led to the Yotsu family being accepted as a vassal family to the Seppun family. However, the Yotsu have been allow to keep their own family name and have been given the singular honor of wearing both the Yotsu and Seppun mons when serving the Imperial family. [8] They began to watch Kyuden Otomo as part of their new duties. [9] Their leader Yotsu Seou moved to Toshi Ranbo out of respect for the family's improving relationship with the Seppun. The Sword of Yotsu forces inside the ruined city made important strategic decisions by consensus of the senior of!cers. [10]

Known Technique Edit


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