Sword of Gales 
Sword of Gales
Created by: Tempest Island sensei
First used by: Unknown
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

The Sword of Gales was crafted as an exceptional weapon by the sensei of the Tempest Island Temple and their students, and passed it on to a youngMantis of promising character expecting the balde to be awakened. Each samurai that bore the blade carried it throughout their lifetime, until they perished or retired. In time, their efforts were successful, and a kami awoke, angry for being disturbed. Its wrathful nature was not what the architects of its awakening had anticipated, and the attempt to create more of these blades was abandoned. The blade was completely immune to any form of decay, and the air kami within increased the damage in combat. [1]

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  1. Art of the Duel, pp. 177-178

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