Sword and Fan

Sword and Fan

Sword and Fan was the sixteenth suplement for the Legend of the Five Rings 4th Edition RPG. It explores war and politics in the Emerald Empire through the greatest works of strategy in the battlefield and the courts – the Book of Sun Tao and Otomo Madoko's The Subtlety of the Court.

Credits Edit

  • Design: Robert Hobart
  • Written by: Marie Brennan, Robert Denton, Chris Hand, Dave Laderoute, Maxime Lemaire, Seth Mason, Eric Menge, Thomas Willoughby
  • Edited by: Robert Hobart
  • Art Director: Robert Hobart
  • Cover Design: Robert Denton
  • Cover Art: Veronica V. Jones
  • Layout: Robert Denton
  • Original Graphic Design: Edge Entertainment
  • Artists: Aaron Acevedo, Christopher Appel, Steve Argyle, Matthew S. Armstrong, Steve Argyle, Drew Baker, Beet, Steven Belledin, Noah Bradley, Theresa Brandon, Heather Bruton, Manuel Calderon, Sergio Camarena, Mike Capprotti, Brent Chumley, Storn A. Cook, Ed Cox, Jose Cua, Max Degen, John Donahue, Lino Drieghe, Pam Eklund, Randy Elliott, Jason Engle, Shen Fei, Sam Flegal, Felipe Gaona, Anthony Grabski, Ancor Gil Harnandez, Hector Herrera, Andy Hepworth, Jeff Himmelman, Jon Hodgson, David Horne, Lisa Hunt, Llyn Hunter, Janine Johnston, Jaime Jones, Jason Juta, Michael Komarck, Heather Kreiter, Greg Lambrakis, Stephanie Pui-Mun Law, Iordanis Lazaridis, Alayna Lemmer, April Lee, Eric Lofgren, Asier Martinez Lopez, Jorge Matar, Thomas Manning, Britt Martin, Patrick McEvoy, Dieter Miller, Jake Murray, Justin Norman, William O’Connor, Andrew Olson, Glen Osterberger, Chris Ostrowski, Immar Palomera, Ben Peck, Joshua Pinkas, Eric Polak, Mark Poole, Erich Schreiner, Adam Schumpert, Chris Seaman, Jazz Siy, Lee Smith, Florian Stitz, Nikolay Stoyanov, Imaginary Friends Studios, Gong Studios, A.C. Swedberg, Julien Tainmont-Pierrat, Mario Wibisono, Brad Williams, Jarreau Wimberly, Matt Zeilinger
  • Production Manager: David Lepore
  • Senior Brand Manager: Todd Rowland
  • Chief Executive Officer: John Zinser
  • Design Team: Shawn Carman, Robert Hobart
  • Head Playtester: Brian Bates
  • Playtesters: Team 1 (Brian Yoon, Dave Smith, Patrick Chen, Aien Elmi, Jason Kang, Ki Chang Kim, Roger Liang, Arthur Nguyen); Team 2 (Marie Brennan, Kyle Niedzwiecki, Terrance Seddon, Megan O’Neil); Team 4 (Rob Hobart, Becca Hobart, Shawn Edwards, Kevin Blake, Lewis Fleak, Brett Sweeney, Todd Stites, Daniel Briscoe); Team 6 (“Haters United”: Greg Long, Erykah Fasset, Maxime Lemaire); Team 8 (“Team Internet”: Edward Reynolds, Mathieu Brebouillet, David & Richard Whitney, Tarl Cowley, Francois Poncin, Jason Shafer); Team 17: (Tom Lewis, Jamie Kipp, Gavin O’Hearn, Shawn MacLean, John Taylor); Team 18: (Dave Laderoute, Lee Vollum, Tristan Maclaurin, Corbin Allard, Alex Luty, Amanda McEvoy, Adrienne Payette, James Shpulak, François Sébastien Guimont, Devha Livingston, Kari Villa, Ryan Woodbeck, Cole Desgroseilliers); Team 19: (Charles Caswell, Vincent Stanton, Chuck Sweeden, Fox Whitworth); Team 20: (Matt Tyler, Scott Pegg, Kevin Koch, Michael Lawrence, Jonathan Harrison, Paul Casagrande, John Bradford); Team 21: (James Freeman-Hargis, Sarah Koz, David Wright, James Mosingo); Team 22: (Scott Shepard, Dawn Dalton, Andrew Doud, Justin Davidson, Jon Huskey, Trista Lillis); Team 23: (James Wagner, Ryan Bataglia, Chris Foster, Phil Jenicek, Kristin (Kay) Markert); Team 24: (Tony Love, Nicholas Love); Team 30: (Jim Friedman, Izzy Friedman, Chris Hoffmann, Jay Becknell, Stephen Pelton)

Table of Contents Edit

Introduction (page 6) Edit

Chapter One: Strategy (page 14) Edit

Chapter Two: Tactics (page 40) Edit

Chapter Three: Cavalry Warfare (page 68) Edit

Moto Kyouaku-Inu

Moto Kyouaku-Inu

Chapter Four: Enemies (page 92) Edit

Legulus's Legion

Legulus's Legion

Chapter Five: Court and Civilization (page 118) Edit

Sachina with her geisha

A group of Geisha

  • Fiction with Bayushi Kiwadoi, who is goaded by Doji Seiyami into a duel, where she is killed by the Doji's cousin and champion, a Kenshinzen.
  • Civility and Etiquette
  • Samurai Etiquette: How not to be a Barbarian
    • Basic Rules of Conduct
    • The Etiquette of Swords
    • Bragging
    • The Etiquette of Revenge
    • Guest and Host
    • The Etiquette of Dealing with Peasants
  • Conduct in Court
    • Courtly Dining
    • Court Fashion
  • Cleansing and Purity
    • Ritual Cleansing
  • The Essence of Civility: The Tea Ceremony
  • Inheritance in Rokugan
  • Geisha and the Karyūkai
  • Role-Playing Rokugan: Why civility Matters

Chapter Six: Politics Through the Year (page 152) Edit



  • Fiction with Asako Fujiko as new Imperial Observer in the struggle for the control of Gakka province.
  • Fiction with Akodo Unmei, who attacked a Taoist temple against the advice of Kitsu Domen and Ikoma Jidai.
  • Spring, the Season of Plow
  • Summer, the Season of the Sword
  • Fall, the Season of the Harvest
  • Winter, the Season of the Fan
    • Small Courts
    • The Provincial Courts
    • The Great Courts
    • The Imperial Court
    • Dressing the Court
    • Dressing the Grounds
    • Winter Court: Things to See and Do
    • Dueling in Winter
  • The Theater of Politics and the Art of Diplomacy
    • Exchange of Hostages
    • Trade and Commerce at Winter Court
  • Matchmaking
  • Masters of the Court

Chapter Seven: Outsiders in Rokugan (page 186) Edit

Susumu Kuroko 2

Susumu Kuroko, Susumu Daimyo

  • Fiction with Asako Fujiko, who decides that victory has been earned by the Lion, but Ikoma Jun, the Lion ambassador, withdraws their claim, gained by dishonorable means.
  • Fiction with the abbot Omeiyo, formerly the samurai Ikoma Jidai, and his son Ikoma Jun. The monk maneouvers to force the Scorpion to retaliate the Lion offenders, expecting to start the war again.
  • Ronin in Court
  • Monks in the Court
    • Responses to Monks at Court
  • Gaijin at Court
  • The Shadowlands and the Court

Appendix: New Mechanics (Page 200) Edit

Index: (Page 212) Edit