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Swamp Goblins

Swamp Goblins

Swamp Goblins were a vile race of different than Goblins or Bakemono. They even could learn to speak rokugani. All other kinds of Goblins look down upon the Swamp Goblins.  [1]

Habitat Edit

They lived exclusively in the swampy areas of the Shadowlands and could not survive outside the moist atmosphere of these regions. [2] They lived in small tribes, usually built around a familial core. They hunted small animals or fish. They exhibit strong loyalty to their tribe. [3] A swamp goblin never traveled away from its habitat without many goblins from its pack. They did not fight amongst each other and had a generally peaceful nature. In times when food was not abundant, they might eat their own dead. [4]

Appearance Edit

Swamp Goblin

Swamp Goblin

Swamp Goblins were amphibious creatures possessing both lungs and gills, had a scaly skin covered with an unpleasant slime that perfectly camouflaged them among the mud. On either side of his flat head were situated pink-frilled protuberances that should not be mistaken with goblin's ears. [2]

They prefered to avoid combat, but they were driven by an insatiable curiosity. Anything shining or sparling attracted their attention. [5]

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