Suzume Ryosuke 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Suzume Yusuke 
Titles: Sparrow Clan Champion

Suzume Ryosuke was the Sparrow Clan Champion, son of Suzume Yusuke, and grandson of Suzume Yugoki. [1]

Sparrow Clan Heir Edit

Spider Infiltration Edit

Suzume Makishi was his hatamoto, as he was his father's. Makishi was in charge of the day-to-day duties, an acted as the effective ruler of the Sparrow Clan. [1] Ryosuke realized his clan had been infiltrated by Spider, but it was too late. They had supplanted every member of his grandfather's honor guard and they were by his side at all time. Yugoki never knew he was being held hostage, not even when he finally died. [2]

Father's Death Edit

His father Suzume Yusuke became the new champion, and realizing the infiltration he stood up. He gathered everyone he knew was still loyal to the Sparrow and staged a coup. His goal was to assassinate the honor guard and eliminate all of the false advisors. But he was betrayed and died during a fire at Kyuden Suzume. [2]

Sparrow Clan Champion Edit

Ryosuke became the new champion and endured for years. He let the infiltrators to control his Clan, without any hope to release the Sparrow from their grip. Ryosuke convinced himself that the Clan would be doomed at any time the other Clans knew they had been seized by the Spider, and forced his loyal followers to remain the shame in secret. [2]

Learning to Pray Edit

His father Yusuke never had prayed, as he said man made his own fortune in the world. In 1198 his guest Moshi Rukia, granddaughter of Suzume Ito, taught Ryosuke about how to pray properly to the kami. Ryosuke aided her to restore the shrine's village, which had been in complete disrepair for years. [1]

Betrothed Edit

Ryosuke had been betrothed to Suzume Aya, but he suspected about her true nature. In 1199 Rukia exposed the convincing Sparrow maiden as a tainted supai, killing her on the spot. [2]

Spider Infiltration Removed Edit

Rukia encouraged Ryosuke, who attempted to flee with his honor guard to Scorpion, so he could expose the Spider infiltration to the Empire. His own Captain Suzume Yutaka and Suzume Hiroshi killed his only loyal follower, Suzume Manabu, and grievously wounded Rukia. Daigotsu Ryudo, known among the Sparrow as Suzume Tatsu, ordered his men to cut Yutaka down. Ryudo had led a group of infiltrators, who had become loyal to the Sparrow, against Makishi's assassins, saving Ryosuke and allowing him to escape with a message to Empress Iweko I at Toshi Ranbo. The infiltration was removed, and the Spider joined the Sparrow by Imperial Decree. Ryosuke took Tatsu as his personal yojimbo and new captain of his honor guard. The Mantis sent Moshi Ira as the first permanent priestres in the Suzume Hills for year. [2]

Preceded by:
Suzume Yusuke
Sparrow Clan Champion
? - Present
Succeeded by:


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