Suzume Roshi

Suzume Roshi

Suzume Roshi was a bushi of the Sparrow Clan.

Roshi was a Sparrow member of the Imperial Court under the Four Winds. [1]

Kolat Sleeper Edit

He was supposedly a Kolat Sleeper Agent programmed with killing Hantei Naseru in 1159. When Yasuki Hachi uttered the trigger word "Musoka", Roshi erupted in a fit of rage, claiming that the Empire would be washed with blood before another Hantei sat on the throne. Roshi was knocked unconscious by a burly Seppun guardsman, and dragged from the room. [1] His exact fate was unknown, although his Clan Champion Suzume Yugoki later expressed to Usagi Ozaki his inability to understand why Roshi did what he did. [2]

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