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Suzume Misaki 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Shosuro Tobane

Suzume Misaki was a gentle, and intelligent woman, famed as a maiden who talked at every opportunity, another long-winded storytellers of the Sparrow Clan. She talked always and without pause, completely incapable of silence. [1]

Death Edit

Misaki married Shosuro Tobane, a wealthy hatamoto of the [Scorpion Clan]] with a quick mind, and little patience. She had been chosen because of her beauty, and with the prospect to have an heir. After several years Tobane weariness turned to anger, until he split his wife's mouth from ear to ear with a tanto. Misaki was buried by the servants without being noticed by the rest of the world, who believed she had fallen ill and passed away in the winter. [1]

Ghost Edit

Misaki's ghost returned during a winter court hosted by Tobane within his own halls. She posed as a beautiful woman, with a silk mask obscured her face and concealed her wound. Both moved to the garden, and Tobane was found late in the snow, frozen to death. Some said the woman was Misaki's ghost, who had exacted vengeance upon her murderer. [1]


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