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Suzume Kenta 
Born: 1152 
Died: Unknown

Suzume Kenta was a bushi of the Sparrow Clan.

Child of the Sparrow Edit

Kenta was the student and grandson of Master Sensei Suzume Kaihime. As her grandson, he enjoyed a little more privilege than his peers, although not much considering the way of the Sparrow.

In 1166, after his grandmother hosted a dinner with Crane diplomats, including Asahina Ekei and Crane-trained Suzume Chiaki, Kenta learned the word "goshi," referring to farmer-samurai, by accident. After conferring with the older students at his dojo, he decided that being a farmer-samurai was nothing to be ashamed of, and from that point on he noticed that he'd become far more popular.

In 1168, Kenta graduated at the top of his class. He was considered among the best of the new generation of Suzume Bushi. He was childhood friends with Suzume Aika, Suzume Sodormu, Suzume Hejiko, Suzume Yumi, Suzume Hisao, Suzume Tashiro, and Suzume Masato, among others. His parents already had passed away. [1]

Kenta's Failure Edit

Kenta failed to notice the gradual infiltration of the Sparrow Clan by the Spider Clan, which had succeeded in covertly reducing the clan's leadership to a mere puppet government. Even the champion, Suzume Yugoki, was not aware of what had happened.

In 1171, Kenta's friend Suzume Aika was sent away for coming too close to uncovering the conspiracy. From that point on, Kenta began to notice that things were changing in Sparrow lands, and he slowly began to suspect that the valley was filling with strangers. They used to wore a marigold depicted in their clothes.

At this point, the Spider had totally taken over the leadership of the clan. Due to this fact, many Spider began behaving openly in a non-covert manner. While there were still many true Sparrow left in the valley, Kenta could not be sure who was one of them and who was a stranger, and thus believed he could trust no one but himself. Horrified and still unsure of what had happened to his beloved clan, Kenta was recognized as a threat. After he survived an assassination attack, he was sent to die in Crab lands before he could rally anyone to his side. [1]

The Last of the Sparrow? Edit

In 1171, the Destroyers invaded Rokugan, breaching the Carpenter Wall where Kenta was stationed. Kenta managed to be the sole survivor of the attack on his unit.

Hida Shara met with Kenta to learn what he knew, but instead found him to be a haunted man with a shattered mind. Only then did Kenta hint at what had happened in Sparrow lands. Shara commanded him to tell her everything. [1]


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