Suzume Kashira 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Month of the Boar of 1128 
Parents: Suzume Mukashino 
Children: Suzume Yugoki 
Titles: Sparrow Clan Champion

Suzume Kashira was the father of Suzume Yugoki. [1] He became the Sparrow Clan Champion after his father Suzume Mukashino turned the clan's leadership over Kashira, to travel with his grandson Yugoki. [2]

Three Man Alliance Edit

In 1121 after the Battle of Three Man Alliance Kashira agreed to form the Three Man Alliance with the Wasp Clan and the Fox Clan. [2]

Unveiling the Hare's Truth Edit

In 1125 Kashira summoned a group of samurai as requested by the Imperial Magistrate Miya Katsu. The Imperial had been tasked two years ago with the hunting of the oulaw Usagi Ozaki, heir of the disbanded Hare. Circumstances had demonstrated to Katsu that Ozaki was not responsible, as his orders to arrest Ozaki were issued weeks before any crime occurred. The samurai were entrusted to find who was behind the conspiracy, one powerful enough to manipulate Emerald Magistrates and to wipe out a Minor Clan. [3] The ensuing quest aided Ozaki to clear the soiled reputation of the Hare, which were reinstated. [4]

Death Edit

In the Month of the Boar of 1128 Kashira died from a lingering illness, believed to be a strain of plague. His son Suzume Yugoki assumed leadership of the Sparrow. [5]

Preceded by:
Suzume Mukashino
Sparrow Clan Champion
(c. 1121) - 1128
Succeeded by:
Suzume Yugoki


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