Suzume Hin was a bushi of the Sparrow Clan.

Training Edit

Hin had a natural talent for public speaking and courtly behavior, but her talents blossomed later than her peers. She was in the Suzume Bushi school by the time her sensei recognized her courtly talents. Hin could easily convince anyone to talk about themselves at length, and Rin had no limit on her patience for listening. After a year in the Doji Courtier school she had to return to her lands. [1]

Courtier Edit

Hin was sent to Kyuden Kurogane-Hana, minor nexus of political interplay, to represent the interests of the Sparrow. [1] She became friend of Ikoma Kazue, who was appointed to make an inspired speech about Hisao, a swordsman of almost unparalleled skill. [2]

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