Suzume Aika was a bushi of the Sparrow Clan.

Childhood Edit

Aika was childhood friends with Suzume Kenta, Suzume Sodormu, Suzume Hejiko, Suzume Yumi, Suzume Hisao, Suzume Tashiro, and Suzume Masato, among others. They passed their gempukku at 1168. [1]


Aika was stationed at The Watch, to keep an eye in the sacred Golden Sun Plain. [1]

Spider infiltration Edit

Aika noticed something was wrong in the Suzume valley. The people in the valley had changed, and they were different from the usual Suzume. She could not recognize many of her fellows, despite the Sparrow Clan was limited in numbers. All these people wore a marigold depicted in their clothes. In 1171 she told it to Kenta, who thought she was imagining things. She pointed out that most of their friends had left the valley reassigned to distant places, but the valley seemed more full than ever before. Aika believed they would never going to see them again. Kenta retorted, but she higlighted three Suzume bushi who had left their yams in the plate. This behaviour was against the ancestral Honorable Poverty philosophy of the Clan. [1]

Phoenix lands Edit

Aika returned to her duties and shortly after was assigned to aid the Phoenix against the raids of the Army of Fire. [1]


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