Bells of the Dead

The Bells of the Dead

The Bells of the Dead was a small shrine opened to the air [1] dedicated to the memory of twelve shugenja led by Asako Hu Xiang [2] who died battling a powerful evil [3] gaki, the Shimushigaki, in 830. [4] It was said that so long as the bells of the shrine were rung regularly the shugenja would protect the Wall above the Ocean mountains. [5] The shrine was located south to Kyuden Suzume. [6]

Bells Edit

The bells were forty pound bronze pieces, covered in kanji with the name of those shugenja who sacrificed their lifes. [2] Each of them carried that shugenja's spirit. [7] The bell's tone was a throbbing hum that filled the air and hanged. [8]

Shimushigaki Returns Edit

In 1088 an Asako Inquisitor by the name Asako Nakiro was studying the Shimushigaki. [4] He was attacked by the Gaki that planted a piece of it into Nakiro's soul, giving the evil spirit the control of the Inquisitor. [9] Nakiro later met Daidoji Dajan, who was mainpulated to retrieve the bells from the shrine, allowing the gaki to use its full power. [10]

Return to Slumber Edit

In 1125 Hu Xiang's bell was recovered by a group of samurai who were investigating the conspiracy against the disbanded Hare Clan. [2] They eventually put Shimushi back to sleep. [11]

External Links Edit

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