Sutigu was a monk and Kensai of the Spider Clan. He was called the Tiger's Claw.

Colonies Edit

Sutigu as a member of the Order of Venom joined the dojo in the Second City. He was taught by sensei Togashi Osawa, alongside other sohei of the Spider, Asako monks and ise zumi. [1]

Blood of the Preserver Edit

In 1198 the Togashi Daimyo Togashi Noboru and Kitsuki Jakuei investigated the reasons behind the Lion attacks to Spider encampments in the Colonies. Noboru questioned the Spider students, Nishimura, Ohaba, and Sutigu, but they refused to explain, and he even attempted to get words through a demonstration of force. After the three sohei were defeated, Jakuei inferred the Spider were hiding something. [1]

Emerald Magistrate Edit

Sutigu was appointed as an Emerald Magistrate under the command of First Magistrate Doji Hakuseki. [2]

Threats to the Empire Edit

Sutigu formed part of a group that faced several threats of the Empire, alongside Yoritomo Minori, Ikoma Natsu and Bayushi Kahoku. They found the location of a Temple of Fudo in the deepest portions of the Spine of the World Mountains, where the range divided the Crane holdings into two. The monks had been slaughtered by the Dark Naga, and they confronted these creatures. Hakuseki was killed by the enemey leader, who in turn was struck down by Akodo Kano, who had been following the group at a distance. In the temple they found the Writings of Fudo, a series of accounts that detailed P'an Ku's interefence in the history of the Empire. In a secreet chamber they found the Heart of Fudo. [2]

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