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Susumu Tatsuko

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Susumu Tatsuko 
Born: Unknown 
Spouse: Susumu Masumi 
Children: Sakura,

Susumu Tatsuko was the wife of the Imperial Scribe under Iweko II, Susumu Masumi. When Daigotsu Kanpeki declared war on the Empire in 1200, Tatsuko was already past the usual retirement age, but still served. She was among the Spider who remained loyal to the Iweko Dynasty.

Many wondered why the Imperial Matchmaker would choose a wife from his own clan rather than decide for a more advantageous match, but Tatsuko was a great musician and excelled at the shamisen, which seemed to win Masumi over to her. Tatsuko was considered the the Empire's Greatest Musician. [1]

Tatsuko was among those Susumu who decided that even while serving Shibatsu and Iweko II as renegades, officially recognised as only legitimate Spider Clan in the Empire, they would secretly not sever their ties to the rest of the Spider Clan, thus serving two masters, their family tradition that was created by Daigotsu Susumu. [1]


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