Please note: This article is about the son of Otomo Taneji. For other uses of the term, please see Takuan (disambiguation).
Susumu Takuan 
Susumu Takuan 
Born: Unknown 
Parents: Otomo Taneji,
Otomo Asami 
Siblings: Otomo Terumoto 
Spouse: Susumu Kuroko 
Children: Un-named son

Otomo Takuan was born the elder son of the Otomo Daimyo Taneji [1] and Otomo Asami. He caused a scandal when he married into the Spider Clan and became Susumu Takuan, because his wife was the family's daimyo, Susumu Kuroko. This scandal even exceeded the one caused by his choosing the name of a ronin, Takuan, for himself after his gempukku. [2]

Taneji's Funeral Edit

His younger brother, Otomo Terumoto, became the new Otomo Daimyo in 1200 after Taneji was killed by an Oni during Winter Court. Terumoto was with his father during the attack, and he survived but fell to a deep torpor. He had slept through his father's funeral, and there were only Takuan, his son, and Kuroko, who ceremoniously lifted Taneji's bones from his ashes. [3]

Rise of Jigoku Edit

War on the Empire Edit

During the festivals predating Iweko Seiken's coronation, the Imperial Heir had publicly humiliated Daigotsu Kanpeki by announcing that he would remove him as Spider Clan Champion. Seiken's brother, Iweko Shibatsu would join the Susumu family as their daimyo and become Lord Spider. Kanpeki considered this as betrayal of the deal between his father and Iweko I and declared war on the Empire. [4] Many of the Susumu were killed or taken captive by the rebellious Spider, [5] Kuroko and Takuan managed to escape, arriving in disguise to Toshi Ranbo. In the Inn of the Wilted Rose they met their new Lord, Iweko Shibatsu. [6]

Imperial Court Edit

Takuan was appointed as the Spider representative in the Imperial Court. In 1200 Kanpeki stormed Toshi Ranbo, but failed to find and kill the Emperor Iweko II, leaving the Imperial City shortly after. The Crab Clan Champion Hida Kisada blamed that the rebellious Spider forces had vanished before the assembled Rokugani armies would engage them. The Phoenix sought the location of the Third Seal, which was eventually destroyed by an endless horde of Shadowlands creatures. The Mantis Islands fell and the Rise of Jigoku was unleashed. [7]

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