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Susumu Minoru was a diplomat and head of the Spider Clan delegation in the Second City in the absence of its Champion, Daigotsu Kanpeki. [1]

Colonies Edit

Minoru was a clear-thinking, calm, ordered, and disciplined man, the only representative of the Susumu family in the Colonies. He consistently got results, and was considered just skilled enough to navigate the threatening and dangerous Ivory Court. Minoru easily endured the hotter and more humid climates of the Colonies. [2]

Imperial Manipulation Edit

Minoru was approached by Otomo Akio, a rising star courtier who had been appointed as karo to the Chancellor of the Left. The Imperial requested the Spider that any temple found be destroyed and any native Ivinda to be killed, as they could be remnants of the Cult of the Destroyer. Minoru was suspicious of Akio's true intentions, as he was well aware the Imperial actually despised the Spider. [1]

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