Susumu Masisha 
Susumu Masisha 
Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Titles: Acting Susumu Daimyo

Daigotsu Masisha was a Master of Lies courtier of the Spider Clan, who joined the newly founded Susumu family as Susumu Masisha.


Little is known of Masisha, even if she was even a woman. Even the Dark Lord was disturbed by some of gaps of knowledge, but he used her service nonetheless. She attended Bayushi Courtier school for a time, but left before her cover was blown. After that, she served in a number of roles, both on her own and assisting others such as Chuda Chiaki. [1]

City of the Rich FrogEdit

In time, Daigotsu sent her to the City of the Rich Frog as one of his agents there. Settling into the underside of the city, she frequented the sake, tea and geisha houses gathering information and handling contacts. She dreamt of the day that she might serve as the Chancellor of Daigotsu's Imperial Obsidian Court. [1]

Great Clan Edit

After the Spider were elevated to Great Clan status, in 1174 [2] Masisha joined the newly founded Susumu family as Susumu Masisha, and led them until Daigotsu Susumu's daughter, Susumu Kuroko, came of age in 1188. [3]

“Your enemies are all around you. They have you defeated, my friend. But there is someone who can help you, if you are only willing to listen.”
-Daigotsu Mashisa [4]

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Preceded by:
Susumu Daimyo
1174 - 1188
Succeeded by:
Susumu Kuroko

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