Susumu Hirohashi 
Born: Unknown 
Died: 1200

Susumu Hirohashi was a playwright of the Spider Clan.

Playwright Edit

Hirohashi lived in Kyuden Shizuka, tried to relate to everything he wrote so that it would seem genuine, building a world around the viewer and made them feel as though they lived within it. Most of his plays were short Noh pieces of which there was little direction and dialog, although there were also several three-act Kabuki plays. His greatest accomplishments were not under his name. They were instead attributed to others, such as Susumu Noriyabe, Kakita Hiro or often a simple pseudonym Bukimina. If the audience knew the author was a Susumu, they would not read the work. [1]

Play for Imperial Marriages Edit

The Empress' three heirs were appearing on Nakodo lists in 1199. The Spider Clan Champion Daigotsu Kanpeki commissioned Hirohashi a play as their wedding gift. Hirhashi should portray a united Empire. The Susumu leadership wanted the play to subtly remind Iweko Shibatsu, the younger Iweko brother, of how much he owed to the Spider. In 1200, before the play was finished, Iweko Seiken became Iweko II. Daigotsu Kanpeki renounced his position as Clan Champion and declared war on the Empire. [1]

Death Edit

His Lady Susumu Kuroko assembled the Susumu at Kyuden Shizuka, alongside with the Gyushi family, who had escaped from Toshi Ranbo. The doors of the palace were locked by the Daigotsu escort, and set to fire. Uncertain of the loyalty of the Susumu dwelling within Kyuden Shizuka, Kanpeki elected to burn all inside. Hirohashi went insane, and appeared on the stage, donned in elaborate costume, his face painted in kabuki colors, performing as the Iweko Emperor. The playwright never left the burning palace. [1]


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