Created by: Xing Guo
First used by: Togashi Hoshi
Currently in the possession of: Mirumoto Shikei

Suryn, the Celestial Sword of the Dragon, was the blade created by the Fortune of Steel Xing Guo. It's true name was known only to its first owner, Togashi Satsu, who learned it from the Fortune himself. [1]

Crafted Edit

The blade was one of the eight blades commissioned by Lord Sun from the Xing Guo, the Fortune of Steel, and given to the Clan Champions. [2] When Xing Guo returned to Rokugan after forging the Celestial Swords, he appeared on Togashi Mountain and spoke to Togashi Hoshi privately. [3] Hoshi only carried it for a day. He passed the sword to his son, Togashi Satsu, who had carried it since then. [4]

Wakizashi Edit

Satsu claimed that Xing Guo also forged a wakizashi to match the katana, but hid it in the Celestial Heavens to await a great Dragon hero. If that hero ever would appear and find the wakizashi, he would know the name of the katana as well, and would become the personal defender of the Dragon Champion. [1]

Appearence and Powers Edit

Celestial Sword of the Dragon

Celestial Sword of the Dragon

The blade was engraved from the tip of the blade to the tsuba with images of coiled dragons. Its hilt and tsuba was made of brilliant gold. The sword provided its wielder with a strong defense, [4] allowed the wielder to see through all illusions, and to sense any nearby passages to the Spirit Realms. [1]

Wielders of Yuruginai Edit

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