Sun Tzu was noted for many wise sayings about warfare, although little was known about the person behind the sayings.

Notable Sayings Edit

  • "The method by which enlightened rulers and sagacious generals moved and conquered others ... was with advanced knowledge .... Advanced knowledge cannot be gained from ghosts and spirits, inferred by phenomena, or projected by the measures of Heaven, but must be gained from mem." [1]
  • "Against those skilled in attack, an enemy does not know where to defend; Against the experts in defense, the enemy doesnot know where to attack." [2]
  • "One bushel of our enemy's foodstuffs is worth one hundred of our own".[3]
  • "If you know yourself and your enemy, you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles".[4]
  • "If the enemy is numerous, disciplined and about to advance. . . I would say, first seize something they love, and they will listen to you".[5]
  • "Contentious terrain is ground upon which it is advantageous for us and our enemy to be".[6]
  • "Dispersive terrain is when we engage our enemy on his own territory, close to their homes".[7]
  • "Entrapping Terrain is where there are mountains and forests, ravines and defiles. . . wherever the road is difficult".[8]
  • "Intersecting Highways is land surrounded on three sides such that whoever arrives first will gain the masses of all under Heaven".[9]
  • "The Art of War is the way of preserving Peace".[10]
  • "Sagacious generals are able to get intelligent spies. . . this is the essence of the military".[11]
  • "When your objective is near, make it look distant; when far away, create the illusion of being nearby. Warfare is the Way of Deception".[12]
  • "Cast them into positions from which there is nowhere to go and they will fight to the death without retreating." [13]
  • "If my enemy does not know the field of battle...then the left flank cannot help the right, the right cannot aid the left, nor can the front aid the back. Even though they are numerous, they can be forced not to fight." [14]
  • "Even if he entices us with profits, we will not advance." [15]
  • "It is the nature of the army to defend when trapped, to fight fervently when their is no choice." [16]
  • "When your enemy's force is lesser, attack. When he is equal, outmanuever him. When he is greater than you, avoid him for another time." [17]
  • "Awaiting the hungry with full stomachs, that is mastering strength." [18]
  • "In battle, confrontation is done directly, victory is gained by surprise." [19]
  • "Those on a straight way thrive. Those on a tortuous course die." [20]
  • "Even if opponents are numerous, they can be made not to fight."[21]
  • "On narrow ground, if you are the first, you should fill it up to await your opponent." [22]
  • "A victorious strategy is one which sows disorder. Attack when he is unprepared, and take your opponent by surprise." [23]
  • "Feint where your enemies are strong. Strike where they are weak." [24]


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This article is based on some of the earliest released information about Legend of the Five Rings, and/or directly contradicts specific points of established L5R canon. As such, its canonical status is questionable.

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