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An Ashalan Sun-Rider

The Sun-Riders were the explorers and wanderers of the Ashalan, as well as the best guides in the Burning Sands. [1]

Explorers Edit

While some Sun-Riders were among the few who had been banished from the City of the Seventh Star for their conduct, most of them went abroad out of simple curiosity or wanderlust. The Sun-Riders had seen the worst of what the desert could offer and survived, making them valuable to any caravan that might pass through the Jewel of the Desert. [1]

The Council of Twelve used the Sun-Riders as scouts, hunters, and spies, sending them to find information where no other could. Though they were not truly bounty hunters, more than a few Sun-Riders ended up dragging in criminals when they returned from the desert. When they grew tired of exploring or wandering the world, many of the Sun-Riders returned to Medinaat al-Salaam for a long respite, usually of a decade or more, and learned to use their skills in an urban environment. Inevitably, however, the curiosity that drove them to become an explorer in the first place compeled them to return to the open desert. [1]

The Sun-Riders explored many of the lands beyond the Sands, finding allies in the Ivory Kingdoms, among the Merenae and Thrane, with the Yobanjin tribes, and gaining influence in the home nation of the Yodotai. [2]

Known Techniques Edit

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