Suitengu's Torch

Suitengu's Torch

Suitengu's Torch was a place of the Ivory Kingdoms in the area they landed in 1172. Moshi Higoro was the Mantis cartographer that drew the first rokugani maps of the area and he decided which names would be written. [1]

Remote Tower Edit

It was the only known Rokugani holding in the entire Unknown Lands. The coastal settlement was the westernmost holding in the entire Colonies, and served as both a beacon and a watchtower against any gaijin naval assault from the west. The small holding had only a few dozen samurai posted there at any given time, and a handful of ships from the Fourth Storm that patroled the seas along the coastline. A narrow road north was built north to the ruins of the Maharaja's Ivory Palace and the vast devastated city surrounding it. [2]

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