Suitengu's Children was a juzimai [1] formed by a small group of sea-based smugglers who operated along the southern coastline of Rokugan, a loose confederation of independent smuggling ships banded together. [2]

Founding Edit

The group was founded by five ambitious criminals who had served together on a pirate vessel, the Twisted Cricket. They were the only survivors after the ship was hunted and destroyed by the Mantis Clan Champion, Yoritomo Kumiko. They reached an isolate island, where they worked to create a suitable vessel for their escape. They managed to salvage some amount of the Cricket's cargo from the sea, and created their brotherhood named after the Fortune of Sea, Suitengu, who had not only spared their lives but favored them with his blessings. They began a life as smugglers, and in the years since that time, the five captains expanded their operation to over a dozen ships. [3]

Base Edit

The island where the original five Suitengu's Children took refuge was named Suitengu's Throne by the smugglers. It was remote, with dangerous reefs and shark-infested waters. It was used as a safe port for repairs and to avoid detection by the Mantis patrol fleets. [4]

Operations Edit

In 1166 there were seventeen captains hand-selected by the five survivors to pilot new ships. They accepted assignments from a new criminal organization based in the Crane lands, transporting cargos from ports in the Daidoji lands to the northern Isawa provinces. [4]

Known Members Edit

Members of Suitengu's Children were a strong-willed, independent sort. Those who could not think quickly and adapt to new situations rarely lasted long in the organization, and never advanced to the rank of captain. [4]

Known Technique Edit


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