Suio family
Patron family: Ide family
Clan: Unicorn Clan
Founded: Unknown
Daimyo: Unknown

The Suio family was a vassal family of the Unicorn Clan in service to the Ide family.

Founding Edit

They were created when Ide gave his follower, Ide Suio, her own family name for her efforts in learning gaijin languages to improve diplomatic relations with other nations. [1]

Duty Edit

They maintained large libraries at each large Unicorn settlement, having a separate estate at Shiro Ide. Since the Unicorn Clan returned to Rokugan in 815 the Suio were first seen to be obsolete, as the clan was no longer in contact with gaijin nations. It became quickly apparent that the centuries the Unicorn had spent away from the Empire had separated them from their Rokugani cousins. The Suio had a new purpose: study Rokugani culture to facilitate the Unicorn's dealings with the other clans. The Suio did well and were rewarded with favored vassal status among Unicorn vassal families by Shinjo Hiroki, the Unicorn Clan Champion at the time. [1]

Moto family Edit

With the influx of Burning Sands Moto the Suio were busy helping the newcomers to learn new laws and customs, although the Moto seemed to be uninterested in changing their ways. [1]

Known Suio Daimyo Edit

Ide Suio  ? - ?

See also Edit


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