Suguru family
Patron family: Tsuruchi family
Clan: Mantis Clan
Founded: c. 1159
Daimyo: Unknown

The Suguru family were a secret vassal family of the Tsuruchi. [1]

Founding Edit

The ronin shugenja Suguru exposed a bloodspeaker plot against the Tsuruchi Daimyo Tsuruchi Ichiro, and shortly after she saved the life of Ichiro and his son killing a Maho-tsukai in the persona of a Tsuruchi's guard. In reward she was granted her own vassal family. [2]

Duty Edit

The Suguru family had been given the task of rooting out corruption in the magistrates of the Empire. While they worked under a constant threat of reprisal from a multitude of enemies, their small size and secrecy allowed them to continue their mission. They had no family holdings. [1]

Suguru Daimyo Edit

Suguru (c. 1159)

See also Edit


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