Strongholds of the Empire

Strongholds of the Empire Cover

Strongholds of the Empire explores a handful of the many unique cities throughout Rokugan, seeking out those with particular interests for the different Great Clans. In addition to new mechanics for each of the clans as well as for each individual city. [1]

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Content Edit

Introduction (Page 4) Edit

Chapter One: Broken Wave City (Page 9) Edit

Chapter Two: Clear Water Village (Page 27) Edit

Chapter Three: Dark Edge Village (Page 47) Edit

Chapter Four: Nikesake (Page 63) Edit

Chapter Five: Otosan Uchi (Page 79) Edit

Chapter Six: Water Hammer City (Page 95) Edit

Chapter Seven: Toshi Ranbo (Page 111) Edit

Chapter Eight: Zakyo Toshi (Page 137) Edit

Appendix: Three Unaligned Settlements (Page 155) Edit

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