Strikes with Thunder 
Strikes with Thunder
Created by: Kaiu Kako
First used by: Hiruma Mashiroisho
Currently in the possession of: Unknown

Strikes with Thunder was a tetsubo created by Kaiu Kako as a wedding gift for her groom-to-be, Hiruma Mashiroisho. [1]

Appearance and abilities Edit

Strikes with Thunder was a massive tetsubo, altough when held it was much lighter than normal. However, the balance of the weapon seemed wrong and it could be unwieldy. The wielder was granted increased speed in his strikes, and usually a clap of thunder accompanied the hit. [2]

History Edit

First Wielder Edit

Kako was killed by minions of the Shadowlands when she traveled to her wedding. Mashiroisho found the corpse and during five days he used the tetsubo killing monsters. [1]

Lost in the Shadowlands Edit

The tetsubo was passed from father to son for over hundred years until it was lost in the Shadowlands in the 11th century. [1] It was known that an ogre, Muago, wielded it in 1122. [3]

Known wielders Edit


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