Storms over Matsu Palace 
Storms over Matsu Palace
Location: Valley of Storms, beside Shiro Matsu
Date: 1132, Month of the Horse
Major Forces:
Unicorn Clan,
Lion Clan
Shinjo Hanari,
Otaku Tetsuko,
Kitsu Okura,
Matsu Ketsui,
Kitsu Motso
Battles of Rokugan

The battle of Storms over Matsu Palace, also called the Battle of the Valley of Storms, [1] and Storms over Matsu Castle, took place in 1132 in the Month of the Horse.

Imperial Command Edit

In 1132 the Unicorn Magistrates were tasked by Toturi I with forcing the Lion Clan to answer for their crimes commited during his absence. The Lion had been practicing maho and even the Jade Champion Kitsu Okura had been a major part of the corruption of the Lion. [2] [3]

Parley Edit

Matsu Ketsui sent Ikoma Gunjin to parley with Shinjo Hanari before the battle, but the Lion stood firm in their belief that the Unicorn had no authority to enforce an archaic dictate, while the Unicorn demanded that the letter of the law be obeyed. [4] The Unicorn forces were backed by three hundred Battle Maidens led by Otaku Tetsuko. [5]

Engagement Edit

By the command of Toturi I, the Unicorn engaged the Lion near Shiro Matsu. [4] The Lion’s corruption became clear when oni took the field beside Tainted bushi and shugenja under the command of Lion commanders. [6]

The Confrontation Edit

As the Unicorn took the field outside Shiro Matsu, two unaccounted legions appeared to halt their progress. The corruption of the Lion became clear when oni were taking the field alongside the tainted bushi led by Kitsu Okura, Matsu Ketsui and Kitsu Motso. The battle was fierce, and the oni, Oni no Okura, slew a hundred Battle Maidens single-handedly. Most of the Otaku Battle Maidens were defeated and those left retreated back to Unicorn lands. [7] After the battle, a large storm settled over the land for a day's travel from Shiro Matsu covering the land in a darkness not seen since the corruption of the Last Hantei by Fu Leng. [2] [8]

Aftermath Edit

The Unicorn were defeated, but the Lion’s power was severely crippled. [6] There were many dead in both sides, and even Hanari's son was counted between the lost. [9]

Participants Edit

The following is a list of notable participants in the battle:

External Links Edit


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