Storm of Mirumoto Mountain 
Naga besieging Kyuden Hitomi
Location: Kyuden Hitomi
Date: month of the Rooster, 1132
Major Forces: Dragon Clan
Brotherhood of Shinsei
Generals: Hitomi
Battles of Rokugan

Siege of Sleeping Mountain Edit

In 1131 the naga army began to fight in the Dragon lands, in the Siege of Sleeping Mountain. [1]

Naga Storms Mirumoto Mountain Edit

The Naga cut all the paths to Kyuden Hitomi. The siege lasted until 1132 when Toku commanded to take the Monkey Clan and end the fighting in Dragon lands. [2] The Naga quickly retreated using their Magic Pearls. [3]

Dawn came, and the forces of the Emperor leapt to battle. The Naga turned, driving them away, but Hoshi's warriors charged onward, letting nothing come between them and their goal... [4] When the scream of the Qamar tore the gates of the Dragon from the stone, a flood of Mirumoto stood ready behind the wall. Before the wind could move the trees, they were upon us. [5] The Naga withdrew, leaving their dead and wounded, passing into a rift between the Heavens and the World. On the other side, the Imperial troops saw only a tainted land and a tall stone wall... [6]
- The siege of Sleeping Mountain

Hitomi's Defeat Edit

While the Naga and the Legions were distracted, Hoshi and his followers stormed Kyuden Hitomi. Hitomi drew her swords and faced Togashi's son. [7] They attacked each other, but suddenly Hitomi ceased the fight and walked away, leaving Hoshi to reclaim his father's throne. [3]

Aftermath Edit

Picture of Kyuden Hitomi's siege

Picture of Kyuden Hitomi's siege

Hoshi became the Dragon Clan Champion and Hitomi began her quest to defeat Onnotangu, that eventually raised her as Lady Moon.

External Links Edit


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