Storm Legion

Members of the Storm Legion

The Storm Legion were the commanders of the Mantis armies since the time of the clan's birth. When the Mantis were declared a Great Clan, the Storm Legion became the personal guard of Lord Yoritomo, [1] an elite unit created to protect and serve the Mantis Clan Champion. [2]

Training Edit

Those Mantis Clan members who had served the clan for generations would tell tales about caves beneath the mountains of the Mantis Lands. These caves were carved out of intense heat and channeled lava. For miles and miles the caves run. Only those of the Storm Legion were taught to navigate through the treacherous and winding paths. Only they could enter the castle unseen and only they knew the hidden inlets and coves whose caverns have become warehouses and docks for Mantis smugglers. [3]

Tradition Edit

After a member died his helmet was brought to a cave beneath Kyuden Gotei. In this place each son of a Legionnaire spent the night before their gempukku, praying for guidance. [4]

Mon Edit

The members of the Storm Legion wore a forked lightning bolt in his mon. [2]

History Edit

Creation Edit

The Storm Legion was formed with the descendants of those few samurai who remained with Matsu Kyoda, Kaimetsu-Uo's mother. [5] This unit marched forward through an enemy force, using their polearms as both a defensive barrier and a coordinated offensive line. The front ranks used their weapons to draw opponents into the second rank behind them, where the rest of the unit stroke at once, ripping at the samurai's armor and leaving their skewered corpses in their wake. [6]

Ivory Kingdoms Edit

The Storm Legion was an active unit in the Mantis-Ivory Kingdoms War, staging several quick, daring raids on the strongholds of the Cult of Ruhmal. [7]

Mantis Civil War Edit

When rumours of the existence of a Yoritomo's daughter began, the Storm Legion supported the current Mantis Clan Champion and former Storm Legion's leader, Yoritomo Kitao. In 1159 the Mantis Civil War began and the Storm Legion was defeated by Yoritomo Kumiko leading the Yoritomo Elite Guard, seizing Kyuden Gotei. The Storm Legion retreated to his headquarters in Toshi no Inazuma, the City of Lighting. [2]

Destruction Edit

In 1200 when the Third Seal broke, all Mantis Islands were overrun by a Shadowlands horde. A curtain of smoke rising from within Kyuden Gotei after the Storm Guard fell under the enemy attack. [8]

Known Members Edit

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