Born: Unknown 
Died: Unknown 
Spouse: Kap 
Children: Three un-named litters 
Titles: Tattered Ear Chieftain

Stikak was a Chieftain nezumi of the Tattered Ear Tribe.

Demeanor Edit

Stikak was a wily and pragmatic nezumi who sought the best of his tribe. Stikak did not dislike humanity but he was not sure which benefits they could earn from them. [1]

Chieftain Edit

Stikak won his position by tricking the former chief into stepping down. Tikuku was the Nezumi Shaman of his tribe. [1] He had three bodyguards, Tak, Hikapi Longsnout, and his consort Kap. They had three litters. [2]

Tchickchuk Edit

The shamans foresaw a great destiny for Tchickchuk. Unfortunately, it appeared later on as if Tchickchuk's destiny had been misread. Though he was a decent warrior and popular with the females, he possessed little of the cunning of a great chieftain. When Stikak took Tchickchuk under his wing as Favored-Pup-of-the-Chief, he learned very little, because the finer points of politics escaped to Tchickchuk. [3]

Cripple Bone Expansion Edit

Tikuku, Stikak and Tch'orr'tkk, the tribe's Rememberer, formed the ruler council of the tribe. The scout Hikapi told the Crippled Bone Tribe, led by Mat'tck and Te'tik'kir, had begun its expansion, even in the Shadowlands. It was seen as a possible source of conflict among both tribes, so the Tattered Ear retreated north, deeper in the Shinomen Mori. [4]

Naga Awakens Edit

The first encounters between the Naga and the nezumi were disastrous for the tribe. Confronted with the gigantic serpentine warriors, the Ratlings were crippled by an instinctive terror that nearly paralyzed them. Several scouts were lost to the Naga before the tribe managed to retreat. [5]

Heir Edit

Stikak sent Tchickchuk out to join one of the Tattered Ear's remote wandering packs. When he returned Tchickchuk became the chieftain of his pack in under a year. At nine winters old, he was by far the youngest pack chieftain of the Tattered Ear. Once a clumsy and inefficient leader had become a chieftain of great guile, cunning, and potential. Stikak approved Tchickchuk's rapid development, and was secretly grooming him to be the next chieftain of the entire tribe. [6]

New Chieftain Edit

In three years, Tchickchuk had come to rule the entire Tattered Ear Tribe.It would become the largest and most powerful of the Nezumi tribes under Stikak's successor.

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Preceded by:
Tattered Ear Chieftain
? - 1127
Succeeded by:


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